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double nose with gemstonesMonroeSeptumTongue web piercingmicro dermal gemstone facial micro dermaltragus / inner conch / upper lobedouble cartilage / tragusTriple cartilageIndustrial / Inner ear cartilageInner Ear cartilage Labretmicrodermalfemale nippleSeptummicro dermaltragus and ear cartilageNavelmicro dermal Double Labretnavelmicro dermal anchornosemonroenoseearlobe stretchingear cartilage, tragus, earlobeear cartilage nose piercingnose piercingTragusEarlobe (in progress)micro dermal anchorMale nippleDouble Nostril2 gauge and 4 gauge piercingsCheek DimpleseptumSingle Microdermal AnchorTriple Micro Dermal Triple Microdermal AnchorMicro DermalMicro DermalNipple, Micro Dermal PiercingsTriple CartilageIndustrial, DaithSnug, Anti-TragusTriple High HelixSeptumVertical LabretCenter Lower Lip and Nostril
Body Piercing

All photos in this gallery are of body piercings performed here at Crucial Tattoo Studio by various body piercing professionals we have had on staff over recent years.

Body Piercing available from noon to 8pm, 5 days a week. Please call the shop to check for the Body Piercer's scheduled days each week, as they can change from week to week 410-860-1999

All professionals on staff at Crucial Tattoo Studio are expected to maintain the highest levels of professionalism regarding their craft with the concern of our clients in mind. If you have any questions about your new piercing, or a piercing you are interested in having done, please consult with our knowledgeable staff, who can answer your questions, or get you to the right person with the experience to do so.