Tatt2Away treatments are designed to remove the pigmented areas of your tattoo in a series of visits, the number depending on the size of the design. For an average size tattoo, you will probably need four visits, but we will evaluate your individual needs during your initial consultation.

Until the introduction of Tatt2Away, laser treatment was the generally accepted method for removal of tattoo ink or pigment, but with it comes possible risks associated with how it breaks up the pigment in the skin, and how the pigment gets disposed of by the body’s lymph nodes and liver. Another problem with laser tattoo removal, is that laser light can only treat a limited range of colors effectively, leaving others virtually untouched.
In comparison, Tatt2Away involves non-laser tattoo removal that uses the body's own natural healing processes to SAFELY REMOVE the tattoo pigments from the skin without ever releasing them into the body, and Tatt2Away will effectively REMOVE ALL COLORS!

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